How to spot a fake Tag Heuer watch on ebay

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fake vs real tag heuer watch

How to spot a fake Tag Heuer watch on ebay

The first rule for identifying a fake Tag Heuer watch on eBay

If the price is too good to be true it probably is when spotting a fake Tag Heuer watch. A low price should attract suspicion and you need to make further checks to safeguard your money. Price is the first alarm bell when trying to spot a fake Tag Heuer.

Fake VS Real Tag Heuers – Spot the differences

Check For Brightness
Check the luminosity of the watch in a dark room. All indexes should shine brightly and clearly. The lume should be applied evenly and smartly, not in misshapen blobs. Similarly, inspect the date window (if there is one) to see if it is excessively recessed or of poor quality. Make sure the numerals are the correct size and colour for the model.

Look Closer
Smaller things might be less immediately striking, but you don’t have to be an expert to notice them. They might be correct for the watch, but not quite of the same quality. Crown guards are often malformed or wrongly positioned. Thoroughly check the dial for even the tiniest trace of cut corners. All the text and markers should be immaculate – no smudging or inaccuracies allowed. The logo, in particular, should be perfect: bright and sharp, with no trace of blotching. Inspect all parts, such as applied symbols on the crown or dial, for signs of glue – a very clear giveaway of a poor fake.

Front And Back
Often it is worth inspecting the sapphire crystal itself, which should be flawless. Some collectors recommend the water test: a droplet placed on a genuine watch crystal should hold its shape, while the rougher quality of a fake Tag Heuer watch will make it disperse across the watch face.
If you really want to test the authenticity of a tricky watch, you may need to open up the case back – something that should only be attempted by a professional. The movement inside may provide many helpful clues to weed out replicas – not just the quality but also the precise specifications can be compared to what should have come out of the Tag Heuer factory.

eBay – Signs of a fake Tag Heuer Seller

Many legitimate dealers advertise their watches on eBay as do we. It is the biggest platform in the world and a great source of watches, however, there are many fraudsters taking advantage of customers who can be tempted by a cheap price. When buying a watch on eBay stick to these principles to avoid buying a fake Tag Heuer.

  1. Buy from a seller who has an established history over years with ample positive feedback. We have seen many a counterfeit watch being sold by sellers who have 10-50 positive feedback from recently selling watches on eBay. These are good replicas but the accounts will be closed once the customers realise they have bought a fake.
  2. Sellers stating the watches are not covered by the Tag Heuer two year warranty as they don’t hold any authorised dealer accreditations. This is a lie and should ring alarm bells.
  3. The straps being fully covered by a clear plastic covering. Watches do not come like this from Tag Heuer.
  4. The face of the Tag Heuer warranty card not being displayed in the images and messages being ignored when you request to see it.
  5. Sellers that appear to have an unlimited supply of brand new Tag Heuer watches being sold on auction with no reserve. Ask yourself where they are coming from?
  6. Sellers who claim they have access to bankrupt stock. This is not how the business works and another indication the watches being sold are counterfeit.

Use a trusted Tag Heuer seller with 100% authenticity process

Get Real
As always, we must underline the fact that the only way to be completely sure about your purchase is to totally trust the dealer or retailer. At Fine Time Watches we use a certification process implemented in exhaustive detail by our in house watchmakers. Every one of the watches on our website, including many fantastic pieces from Tag Heuer, is tested for 100% authenticity, so you can always rest assured about their provenance.

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